Enhancing Hospice Counseling Services

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual to include marriage and family therapist (MFT) and mental health counselor (MHC) services. This ̲app resource explains how MFT, MHC and social workers are integrated into the interdisciplinary group (IDG).

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Implementing the GUIDE Model in Community-Based Palliative Care

The GUIDE Model was introduced in July 2023 and aims to enhance dementia care and family support. In this ̲app resource, learn how to implement the GUIDE Model into community-based palliative care.

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Enhancing Homecare through Data: The Critical Role of IPRs in Quality Improvement

This ̲app resource identifies why homecare organizations should utilize Interim Performance Reports (IPRs) to uncover actionable insights that improve quality care and operational efficiency.

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The Hospice Special Focus Program Identifies Providers Not Meeting Care Standards

This ̲app resource reviews the Hospice Special Focus Program (SFP) and why hospice programs need to understand the impact of SFP selection.

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The GUIDE Model and Its Application in Community-Based Palliative Care

The GUIDE Model presents a promising approach to enhancing the lives of people living with dementia and their families. In this ̲app resource, learn the benefits of implementing the GUIDE model into community-based palliative care programs.

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̲app Value-Based Performance: Interim Performance Report Guide

CMS reports that only 20% of organizations have used the iQIES portal to access their Interim Performance Report (IPR). In this ̲app resource, learn what makes up the Interim Performance Report and how it can affect you and your organization.

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Value-Based Purchasing Risks and Tips

Providers will see a 5% increase or decrease in their reimbursements in 2025, calculated based on performance related to baseline numbers. This ̲app resource identifies the common areas of risk and practical steps to ensure maximum payment.

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Navigating the Medicare Cost Report for Care at Home Organizations

The Medicare Cost Report is a detailed financial document from care at home providers participating in the Medicare program, a requirement set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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2024 Industry Growth Opportunities and Insights Report

This report offers valuable insights into the current trends and challenges within the industry. It also presents best practices designed to guide organizations, ensuring they are well-prepared for the future as they navigate today's ever-evolving landscape.

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Hospice VBID: Networking to Build a Stronger Future

With the Hospice VBID component being extended through 2030 and continuing to evolve, hospice providers wishing to thrive in the markets they serve must also evolve. Participating Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) are given more control over which hospice providers their members can use when they become hospice eligible.

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Understanding and Implementing Hospice VBID Partnership Strategies

The Hospice VBID Model requires participating Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) offer diverse services related to hospice care. While contracting with a MAO is not required, hospice organizations will be better positioned when a contract is in place. This ̲app resource explains how MAOs manage the hospice component of their business.

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Understanding and Implementing Hospice VBID Claims and Management

The Hospice VBID Model allows hospice organizations to be paid for services, whether contracted or not. This ̲app resource explains how organizations must develop strategies to ensure they receive payment for care provided and their claims management process allows for timely and accurate payment.

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How to Use the VBID Model for Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice providers must learn how to successfully partner with Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) and participate in the Value-Based Insurance Design Model (VBID). This eBook gives tips to successfully develop and leverage a strategy to ensure the continuance of high-quality care and payment for the services provided.

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2023 Industry Trends Report

Home-based care providers from organizations of all sizes, are grappling with ways to do more with less. The 2023 Industry Trends Survey shows how organizations can drive higher margins while dealing with staffing and regulatory challenges.

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Hospice Quality Reporting

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) created the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) to ensure hospice organizations can measure the quality of their patient care. This ebook describes the four measures providers should understand and implement in their quality assurance programs.

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How to Become a Five-Star Hospice Organization

Hospice providers must understand how CAHPS scores and star ratings can impact their referrals, census and bottom line. In this eBook, ̲app provides several effective strategies hospice organizations can implement to help improve their CAHPS scores.

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To ensure you’re prepared to collect the most accurate OASIS data, ̲app has created a guide to help you to easily see what’s in and what’s out of the OASIS set, starting January 1, 2023.

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Metrics that Matter in Hospice Care - Quality

Hospice organizations can improve the quality of patient care by understanding and monitoring key quality metrics. ̲app explains what metrics hospices should measure to improve the clinical health of the organization. This resource is part two of a three-part e-book, Metrics That Matter in Hospice Care.

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Metrics that Matter in Hospice Care - Operational

Hospice organizations can streamline operations by understanding and monitoring key operational metrics. ̲app explains what metrics hospices should measure to improve the operational health of the organization. This resource is part one of a three-part e-book, Metrics That Matter in Hospice Care.

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̲app Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP): Achieve Success Through Quality Improvement

The VBP model incentivizes quality care with higher reimbursements to higher-performing organizations while penalizing lower-performing ones. Understanding value-based care areas and incorporating strategies to maximize reimbursements can ensure long-term success.

Best Practices for Maximizing Hospice Reimbursements

Hospice organizations can maximize reimbursements by understanding payment regulations in the current fiscal year. ̲app explains key changes in the latest CMS hospice payment final rule and provides best practices to maximize hospice reimbursements throughout 2020.

Timing is Everything

Success under the Patient-Driven Groupings Model will require better organizational processes. ̲app offers expert insight into the key timing aspects of PDGM to reduce the effect on the revenue cycle of home health providers.

Creating an Effective Hospice Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Program

Executing a proper Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) program ensures hospice providers refine processes for better patient care and increased regulatory scrutiny. ̲app offers expert insight on creating and maintaining an effective QAPI program.

Staffing Care in the Home

Recruiting and retaining nurses, aides and caregivers is a major issue for the home-based care industry. ̲app has examined the latest trends impacting staffing and compiled a number of innovative solutions healthcare organizations are using to meet the challenge.

The Case for Care in the Home

With the increasing need for quality healthcare and consumers’ demand for convenience, care in the home is the preferred option. Home care is a cost-effective solution that provides patients with the care they need at a price that won’t break the bank.

Mobile Technology and the Impact on Healthcare

Mobile devices have become ever-present in our daily lives. Indeed, for most Americans it is difficult to participate fully in activities of 21st century life without access to the information and convenience provide by mobile devices.

Successfully Handling ̲app Claims

With an aging America and home healthcare moving inevitably toward more value-based care, industry leaders are emphasizing the need for home health organizations to streamline operations and revenue cycle management processes to ensure scalability and long-term success.

Pre-Claim Review

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently introduced the Pre-Claim Review Demonstration in states identified as having higher rates of fraud,abuse, and over-spending. This is in addition to home health organizations being bombarded with new regulations almost monthly.

̲app Value-Based Purchasing

CMS launched its value-based purchasing demonstration for home health and organizations must adapt to this new structure. Home health providers now have an opportunity to demonstrate the great work they have been doing and gain additional reimbursement revenue as a result.

Face-to-Face Encounters

The top reason for payment claim denials: incomplete or missing F2F documentation. This free, downloadable e-book will prepare your organization to answer the right documentation questions to ensure you receive your full Medicare reimbursements.

Prepare Your Organization for Change

Don't let Medicare reject 20% of your claims! Prepare your organization for change now. ICD-10, patient-centered care, and value-based reimbursement are changing priorities for home health organizations. ̲app is here to help you adapt to these new operational and financial challenges.

What You Must Do Now, To Succeed

The on-going financial success of home health organizations depends on their ability to effectively manage their revenue. While this is generally true for all businesses, the unique nature of the home healthcare industry makes keeping a watchful eye on revenue even more critical.

Gain a Competetitive Edge

Staying competitive and profitable in an industry that’s always changing can be a challenge. The right software can make all the difference. This white paper helps give organization owners and operators an in-depth look at what they need to do to survive – and thrive – in the evolving healthcare industry.

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