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Your Complete Scheduling and Staffing Solution

̲app CARE connects organizations using ̲app software with qualified clinicians to provide timely care.

Accept more referrals, grow your business

Reach more qualified clinicians

Tailor care to patient needs

Ensure compliance with quality care

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An Innovative Scheduling and Staffing Solution

Streamlined workflow features empower organizations to get visits covered and deliver timely care.

  • Simplify
  • Accelerate
    Applicant Vetting
  • Improve
    Patient Care
  • Grow

Simplify Scheduling

Seamlessly post visits needing coverage to ̲app CARE and use HIPAA-compliant messaging and electronic visit verification (EVV) to ensure compliance.


Serenity Doubles Revenue with ̲app CARE

Learn how our client accepts more referrals and grows business.









̲app CARE helps us accept more referrals and deliver quality care faster, something that we wouldn’t have been able to do in the past. It’s a must-have solution."

Lorenzo Torre, Director of Nursing

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An Easy Way for Clinicians to Earn More

Apply for visits on the ̲app CARE app that are convenient to your location and schedule, at rates that work for you.

Connect with more opportunities

Enjoy a flexible schedule

Choose visits nearby

Get paid more, faster

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Empowering ̲app Clinicians

Congratulations to the Clinician of the Year award winners.

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Product Availability

In 2021, ̲app CARE became available in all 50 U.S. states. More than 50,000 visits have been completed on ̲app CARE.

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Angela Westfall

“ I really do believe this is going to revolutionize home health. ”

Quality Care Nursing ̲app LLC

Angela Westfall, Owner

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Jessica Busby

“ ̲app CARE helps my organization and my clinicians succeed. ”

Restoring Function ̲app

Jessica Busby, President/CEO

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Samantha Hill

“ ̲app CARE saves us tons of time. ”

We Care ̲app Services

Samantha Hill, Admin Assistant

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